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Simple Mind is a mind mapping  tool for creating work flows or mapping out your lead magnets or opt-ins.

This video will explain how I use it to help get your ideas from your head on paper and into implementation.


3 Tips to Building a Sustainable Brand.


These components are vital when building sustainability in your business. If your business is not credible no one will trust you, so how does a startup gain credibility in their business? Whether you know it are not, you are building your brand credibility by how often you present yourself on & offline. Your consistency with following up with clients and your followers. Are you just putting out content to be putting it out there, or is it relevant with the mission of your company.

Each time you show online should be strategic, being strategic is not being false. Having a strategy means I care enough to know that each time I present my brand before other’s, there is an end goal. The end goal can be to inform, educate or encourage, this is being strategic knowing that your not just putting content out there to stay relevant, but you have something to say that gives meaning and purpose to your brand.

 Brand Promise

What is your brand promise? Are you fulfilling that promise to your customers and clients? You may know of brands that make guarantees and promises, only to discover when you experience their products and services, they fall short in meeting that promise. Never state a promise that you cannot deliver on.


What is the time frame of your brands fulfillment with a product or service? This can hurt your brand tremendously, you know the saying, you only get one change to make a first impression. First impressions are lasting, if you are not fulfilling your clients orders in a timely manner this can hurt your business before you get started. There are many businesses vying for your customers business, and if you drop the ball you may not have a repeat customer. Never take on more than you can handle, be upfront about your fulfillment times and deliver before then, this is what brings great value and credibility to your business.

By Michele Riley 2/7/18


Business Journal

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the Father said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.

Planning is vital when you are building a business. If you don’t plan how will you know what to track and what to make adjustments to. Planning does not have to be an overwhelming tasks.

Start with a small schedule of 3-5 tasks that you want to accomplish for the week, and track to see if you need to implement anything based on those tasks, before you add on other tasks.

By Michele Riley 2/7/18


Creating lead-magnets can assist in helping your business grow, but you need a strategy behind what you are giving away for free. Do you have the next step planned out after someone has signed up for your freebie or downloaded your checklist?  As an entrepreneur you must realize how important it is to build your email list. Are you just building a list of names of names who will subscribe and download your freebie and then unsubscribe. Through trial and error I learned just building an email list is not enough I need to make sure I am building a list with people who will be engaged with my content even after they have received the free lead-magnet.

Where do you find those people? believe it or not they are all around you I am sure you see questions everyday on social media of people asking questions on how to do something within their business. I have seen this in groups that I am in, but sometimes we are so focused at working on our business, that we can miss out on providing a service for other entrepreneurs who are beyond spending hrs of research to get their questions answered or even those entrepreneurs who are not tech savvy.

 Before you create your next lead-magnet or freebie, make sure you are creating something that is a need within the industry you serve.

Michele Riley 2/5/18

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