Breaking Free From The Ties That Bind

"As a man thinks in his heart so is he" Proverbs 3:5


  • Renewed Mind!
  • Freedom from self-defeating thoughts!
  • Strong Foundation!
  • Renewed Focus!
  • Key Principles to apply daily!
  • Sustainable Results
  • Freedom From Soul Ties
  • Victory From Past & Present Traumas

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SOUL-LU-TIONS Course address the areas of your life that deal with your thought life, but also takes you deeper to address the areas of your soul so you can recieve freedom for the ties that bind your soul. SOUL-LU-TIONS equips you with the tools to overcome a negative mindsets, and gain victory and freedom in your life.

You will gain insight into each of the 4 modules through 4 introductory emails.
P.S This course is a 5 module course an additional module has been added which is module 3 which address in detail the areas of the soul.