Idols In The Heart

Idolatry begins when our affections moves God from His postion in our hearts. Take His yoke and learn of Him.

Heart Issues

Dealing with issues of the heart can be painful, but they are necessary to continued growth & fruit bearing.

Is Your Fruit Growing and Showing?

Can others see your growth? When it comes to bearing fruit this where a lot of believers miss the mark. Listen to today’s podcast to glean why you must bear fruit.

Thought Life Course Introduction

“Developing Your Thought Life While Pursuing Destiny” is a 4 module course to equip you with the tools to overcome thoughts that hold you back from receiving victory in your life. Sign up to receive course overview send an email to in the subject line put: Thought Life Overview.

Your Season Of Promotion Is Here!

You endured many storms and although the journey may have been long, it has brought you to this place of blessings and promotion!

The Birth Pangs Of Transition.

          No one escapes transition, but how one transition is vital to going to their next level. Many have missed their time of transition because the pain became to great to bear, don’t miss your season to go higher and receive what you have been purposed for.

Lift 2017

I’m super excited to be selected as an ambassador for the LIFT Conference. LIFT is THE premier conference that focuses on helping faith-based LADIES in business and ministry LIFT each other up, be INTENTIONAL about FINISHING STRONG what they have started, and TRANSFORMING their life and business while keeping God as the foundation.If you’re a […]

Examining Your Walk In Christ

What does it mean to be a believer? Many may profess the name of Christ but does your lifestyle display His nature?

New Level

        New Level Their are season’s in our lives when the Lord is trying to take us to a new level in Him, but we misinterpret not feeling His presence as something’s missing. Today’s podcast will address if your in that season of going from faith to faith & glory to glory.