The Power Of Prayer pt2

There is power in prayer when we posture our hearts towards our God, regardless of our circumstances, prayer will keep us as we yield to God’s will concerning our situation.

Over-Comer In All Things

Overcoming the hurdles and trials we face in life, and not allowing it to keep you from staying focused on the goal towards your destiny.

Becoming A Servant Leader

I pray that everyone is well, and that you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. This post I want to just share my heart for equipping God’s leaders. I see so many people who serve in a leadership capacity, some are just thrown into serving with no training or character development, it saddens […]

Over-comer In All Things!

There may be moments in our lives where we may feel that we are not overcoming in some areas, but we must not allow our feeling to determine our outcomes, we must learn to call those things that be not as though they were, until what we are desiring manifests in the natural, while doing […]

Developing Your Thought Life To Reach Your Destiny!

Developing our thought life takes time and practice, because we are changing a mindset that we may have operated with for years. In order to get our thought life where we are purposed to go takes discipline and determination, it’s not going to happen overnight, so we should not get discouraged when we may face […]

Welcome To Created 4 Purpose Blog

Welcome to our first blog, we are so delighted that you are here. My hope is that this blog will be a great resource for you on your journey to becoming the person you desire to be & living the life that you are purposed to live. Great things are on the horizon, as we […]