About Me

Welcome to Created4Purpose, my name is Michele Riley, I am a mother of 3 children and a wife. I serve people in the creative industry, I teach them different ways to grow their business & equip them to overcome self-defeating mindsets, so they can flourish in their chosen field.

I love to see people achieve what they have been created to do. There is nothing more fulfilling then knowing what you were created for, and seeing yourself moving towards that purpose.

Even when their maybe setbacks the purpose continues to call you. That is why Created4Purpose was birthed, I have more than just a passion to see people equipped to fulfill their destinies, I am called to it. Their is just something about walking in your purpose, you will stay up long nights, put in countless hrs of study and research because it is what you have been created to do.

And this is why this platform exists, I see and hear so many people who are just going through life unfulfilled and settling for a life that brings no joy or peace.

Their is no better investment than investing in yourself to achieve the dreams that are possible, you just have to have the desire and the tools to move towards your purpose, and I am here to make that transition happen.

Going after the greatness that you know that you are meant to exude comes with it’s challenges, but where their is no trials their can be no triumphs, the trials position you to become experts/masters at what is not working, and allows you to make conscious decisions to allow the trials to position you towards our purpose.

img_0003Their is no greater reward than seeing the lives of others made whole and pursuing their God-given destiny and this is what Created4Purpose is destined to achieve.

Who am I am? I’m so glad you asked, I am your Destiny Igniter and Development Catalyst.

How do I serve you, through podcasts, online courses, and books that equip you to market and grow your business, as well as push you through overcoming self-defeating mindsets, so you can push through the inner clutter to crush your industry.

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