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SOUL-LU-TIONS Course address the areas of your life that deal with your thought life, but also takes you deeper to address the areas of your soul so you can recieve freedom for the ties that bind your soul. SOUL-LU-TIONS equips you with the tools to overcome a negative mindsets, and gain victory and freedom in your life.

You will gain insight into each of the 4 modules through 4 introductory emails.
P.S This course is a 5 module course an additional module has been added which is module 3 which address in detail the areas of the soul.

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Equipping the entrepreneur with the tools to succeed.

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Podcasts to equip you to overcome the trials of life.

Defeating Negative Mindsets

Equipping the student to overcome self-defeating mindsets.


Mindset Development Course

“SOUL-LU-TIONS” Course is Now Available, in this course you will learn the importance of renewing your mind and how to overcome self-defeating thoughts. This course will take you through soul and spirit hurts as well as uncover the area’s of your heart that need healing.

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These low-cost webinars will provide the startup entrepreneur with the skills and development needed to grow their business.

Business Training Modules

Webinars will provide you the ease to receive the lessons in the comfort of your home, without the added expense of traveling to a location.

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  Visit Michele C Riley‘s new website for the startup entrepreneur, with tools and tips to grow your business, receive clarity around your business with free tutorials and downloads.

Fan Or Student?

When working with a business coach or mentor, have you become a fan or a student?  As an entrepreneur I had to ask myself this same question, have I placed them as someone that I am star-strucked by or someone who I really need to pay attention to. Have I  learned from them the things […]

Are You A Victim Of FOMO?

FOMO is a marketing strategy that speaks to a person’s fear of missing out on an opportunity that they might not get again. (Fear Of Missing Out) This marketing strategy has been used for many many years, in hopes that you as a consumer or business owner would buy into the fear that this next […]